Jamaica Returned Migrants Study (CM-JRMS)

About the Study

Caribbean Migrations’ foundational Jamaica Returned Migrants Study (CM-JRMS) is the first of a broad programme of research to be developed, exploring the health, well-being of people from the Caribbean and Caribbean Diaspora. For the Jamaica Returned Migrants Study, rigorous behavioural science methods were used to collect data on the psychological, social, and health issues associated with the diverse patterns of migration that Jamaica and the broader Caribbean is experiencing – types that are not recorded in traditional migration literature that tends to focus on longer periods of residence in countries.

The Jamaica Returned Migrants Study was designed to generate a database of Jamaicans across the income classes and rural/urban areas in four parishes across the island in a sample of Jamaicans who have lived abroad and returned to Jamaica and those who have never lived abroad. It examines social determinants of health among Jamaicans and Jamaican Diaspora persons by collecting information from over 600 persons in Jamaica using traditional interviewer-administered paper-pencil questionnaires. The local paper-and-pencil data collection phase of this study has recently been completed and the data is currently being prepared for analysis.

Although not completed, the Jamaica Returned Migrants Study was featured as the Social Sciences representative in the University of the West Indies, Mona Campus, Jamaica, 2012 Research Booklet – a sign of the study’s excellence in research.


Caribbean Migrations - Jamaica Returned Migrants Study – Online

As an adjunct  to the data collected using the locally administered questionnaire, Caribbean Migrations will also be collecting data from as many persons as possible using an online version of the questionnaire. The interactive website platform is currently being developed and once completed, will be piloted for participant recruitment and participation. If you are interested in learning more about this study and participating in the online version, please contact us via email to express this interest and to be added to our mailing list of prospective participants. Taking part in this study will be completely voluntary. If you do not wish to take part you are free not to do so.


Future Studies

Future data collections will build off the Jamaica Returned Migrants Study, with similar cross-sectional data collected from Caribbean and Caribbean Diaspora people with roots in other Caribbean countries. Caribbean Migrations will be collecting longitudinal information on individuals from this sample and others in their social networks. Please keep in contact with us to share ideas, collaborate or be a participant in any of the projects created by Caribbean Migrations or any of our collaborators.


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