Our Story

CM was founded on the vision that research  and research partnerships can be utilized creatively for the advancement of the Caribbean and Caribbean Diaspora. The organization is a passionate advocate that the in-person and virtual connecting of Caribbean and Caribbean Diaspora offer the limitless potential to enhance the quality of life for Caribbean people throughout the world.

Caribbean Migrations aims to be a leader in research on the Caribbean and the Caribbean Diaspora, utilizing an innovative approach to the application of both old and new techniques to broaden the scope and consumers of research methods. To do this we offer research opportunities and data that will be especially useful for stakeholders in a variety of industries through the following service orientations and channels of information:

  • Health (e.g. insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, those invested in pluralistic health systems).
  • Advertising and Marketing (e.g. understanding the socio-demographic profile of migration-history specific market segments of Jamaicans and those who reside in Jamaica; product testing).
  • Psychometrics (e.g.  those needing information on the culture-specific ways in which discrimination and identity are conceptualized and experienced).
  • Sponsor-participant connections (e.g. facilitating continuous engagement with CM’s study participants and other site visitors).
  • Database of select groups of innovation-minded Caribbean and Caribbean Diaspora CM study participants and other innovation-minded site visitors.
  • Access to Caribbean and Diaspora persons who might be early adopters of sponsors’ products and technologies.
  • Access to historically underrepresented Caribbean and Caribbean Diaspora populations for knowledge-generation, marketing, product-testing, and psychometric research.