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Caribbean Migrations (CM) is an organization that is focused on innovating research on the Caribbean and Caribbean Diaspora using traditional (in-person) data collection strategies as well as a range of online research services that can be hosted on this website. The purpose of this website is to offer multiple opportunities for networking, advertising, fund seeking and investing for research projects, data capturing and database sharing for our members.

Caribbean Migrations serves the Caribbean and Caribbean Diaspora by learning about what our site visitors and research participants are interested in and continuously providing information and opportunities to meet their needs, and engage with one another. Our goal is to utilize the information garnered through research activities to enhance individuals, industries, and societies that work for and with Caribbean and Caribbean Diaspora persons.

In addition to invaluable knowledge production and dissemination from behavioural science research, we also aim to build mailing lists of consenting study participants, which can be utilized by relevant stakeholders and site visitors. The use of this database will be strictly for Caribbean-outreach, product-testing, or product marketing research and will at all times maintain the confidentiality of our members by removing any of their personal/identifying information from the data they provide. Interested vendors may also apply to advertise on our website by emailing us with their interest.




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